What’s In Your Closet?

It is a chilly morning here in North Carolina. I love the fall weather, but winter is my favorite. I had taken a little time off from the blog to relax for the weekend, so now I am back. We worked late Friday evening, so we were exhausted come Saturday. It was a rainy, chilly Saturday, so we stayed indoors and watched a few movies. Of course it was movies we have seen 1000 times before. You know the ones…I. Can’t. Do. It. Again. Bright spot in all that TV watching- The Walking Dead! YES!

So, I started thinking. I have officially lost 28lbs now (did that Sunday unofficial weigh in thing), and when I put on a pair of shorts Sunday morning, they kinda hung off me a little. Which is a good thing, I am not complaining. But years ago, my husband got me a Catherine’s card. For those of you who don’t know what that is, Catherine’s is a really nice store that sells larger size clothing for bodaciously voluptuous women. Of which I am at this moment. And before I even thought about GBS, I bought what I think is a very nice closet of clothing.

So, going through my closet, and doing some Math in my head (which is risky because I have a Bachelor’s in English) I realized that my wardrobe will not facilitate my future plunging waistline. And I don’t want to buy too many new pieces before I lose all the weight I need to, so do I just buy a few pieces  as I lose weight or get mine altered? And being someone my family doesn’t consider domestic, I don’t sew by the way, I would have to take my clothing to someone else to alter. That could be more money than I could afford. I don’t know.

For those who have gone through this, any suggestions? What’s in your closet? Until next time friends.


4 thoughts on “What’s In Your Closet?

  1. Its a tough one Lisa. I have sold or given away ALL of my pre op clothes now. I had three wardrobes full of clothes and now only have literally just over half of a wardrobe.
    I get away with it a little as I manage to wear gym clothes a good deal of the time and if I am home and not going out, I will put on my house clothes (joggers, hoodies etc) but I have found that a couple of pairs of jeans, a third pair trousers in a caramel chino. I have three shirts, two polo shirts and two t shirts that I can of mix and match around and find that it works whilst I am still in a losing phase. There is NO point in buying lots of clothes now as they will be redundant in several months and that would be a simple waste of money.
    It is a terribly costly downside to the otherwise wonderful world of bariatric surgery!

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  2. Julie

    I have only lost 17 lbs so far, things are getting a little more baggy but not at the point where they are falling off me. I am going to try and make do as much as possible. I have sorted my wardrobe and found the things I grew out of and plan to shrink back into.

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  3. Great question! As the seasons change, I change out my closet. I have all my winter stuff packed away. Part of me wants to leave it all downstairs. I have a few items at the top of the closet that I think might get me through. Yeah, right … lol! I’m sure it’s wishful thinking.

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