Standing Still…So Frustating!

I did the unofficial weigh-in again on Sunday, and I have to tell you I am not pleased! I am still down 28lbs. I haven’t lost any weight and I haven’t gained any weight- so I guess I should be thankful for that! I used to chart my calories faithfully, but I got out of that habit because I convinced myself that I could guesstimate the calories of what I am eating without having to stop what I was doing and log on to my calorie app and type everything in. Well, I was wrong! Now I will have to go back and start faithfully putting down everything going into my mouth again! It is so frustrating to just stay the same weight for two weeks in a row!

When I was counting my calories, I was allowed 1800 calories daily, and I never went over 1400. I don’t know what made me think that I could keep up with that in my head and not have to log it into the app! So back to the drawing board and back to logging in my calories!

Less than a month until my surgery! I am scared, excited, nervous, happy, all a bundle of things rolled into one body! But that’s okay. I liken it to a Disney ride. It will be exciting, exhilarating, may make me a little queasy, and it may be a little wet, but so worth the ride!

Until next time friends!


3 thoughts on “Standing Still…So Frustating!

  1. Its a simple playa Lisa, it happens to everyone.
    The brain runs the body and the brain has set point at where it likes to keep our glycogen, fats and fluids etc. When we start burning off excess when we diet, the brain kind of goes into a panic mode and stops us burning for a couple of weeks before the body can no longer sustain it and starts to override the brain and get the fat burning going again. It is a natural thing so do not be despondent. It happened to me and almost everyone I know. It is happening at the moment to me and am just doing my normal so don’t get stressed, just get busy!!

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