Day One…of the Rest of My Life..

I woke up this morning with the full knowledge that for the next 3 weeks I would not be eating any real food. I felt a fleeting pang of sadness, but it quickly went away. Also, this morning was my liver ultrasound, and even a sip of water was a no-no. I really needed a sip of something! But I held strong!

We arrived @ 6:45am to the Medical Building and amazingly, I was taken straight away to the admission desk. Marisol was so nice and polite, and we engaged in some light humor. I have found that humor will get you through just about anything. After sitting for about 2 minutes, out comes Payton, a nice young Sonographer who will doing the ultrasound of my liver. Thank God I didn’t have to take off any clothes for this procedure! I asked her if she would let me see the screen because I wanted to know all about what she was doing. Some Sonographers would balk at this, but not Payton. She pointed out my kidney, my pancreas and my liver. And the spot where my gallbladder once was, but it had been taken out in 2008. So it was just an empty spot. So funny.

We talked about her boyfriend, his intense love for catsup on everything including tacos, and her hopes that they would get married someday. We laughed about how you can’t change men, and if you love them, you accept them as they are. They do the same with us- the women they love. And then it was over. In two days time I will know if my liver is good. Which I know it is.

When I got back to my office, I had the first of about 3 shakes I will drink during my working hours. First up, Banana. It was not one I had pre-tested, but the overall flavor was good on the front side. It tasted sorta like peanut butter on the back side. Cheap peanut butter. And in between I will drink bottled water with Orange Crystal Light. I received a visit from the Water Fairy last night, who filled up my mini fridge with bottles and bottles of water. On Monday, I received a lovely basket of bariatric goodies (sippy cup, chicken and beef broth, Cocoteine, Nectar etc) from my new team mates to help me transition after surgery. It is nice to have friends!

So I will soldier on! Until next time friends.


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