Where the Rubber Meets the Road….

Well today is our Unit’s Thanksgiving celebration. I politely declined to participate in this food extravaganza. I mean I am having surgery on Wednesday so why would I go and watch people eat? Also, by removing myself, I removed temptation.  But then some Hootenanny started frying cornbread! Fried Corn bread to a Southerner is like crack! Can’t have enough of the stuff. Pair that with a  lovely bowl of collards and a Honeybaked ham and woo wee, that’s some good eating!

However, I stayed strong and remained in my cubicle working. I drank my liquid lunch and had my sugar free jello for dessert. When the team came trickling back into our area, they proceeded to tell me that the food was awful and the desserts atrocious! Spit. Spit. Spit. Although I know they were lying, it was nice to know they were trying to spare me the glory of it all. But that is okay.

Because when I am healthy, fit and trim it will be all good. Let them eat cake. Or fried corn bread. Cause the car I am in is heading toward the future!

Until next time friends!


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