Hello…it’s me..

Well it has been a while since I have been on this blog, but life has a way of diverging off the path of normal. I had my surgery on Nov. 18th, and other than waiting 21/2 hrs past my surgery time, it went off without a hitch. The pain was not too bad, it was the nausea from trying to get the food combination correct. I think that eating pureed food was worse than having an all liquid diet. Disgusting!

I had decided to take about a 2 week break from blogging to adjust to the new routine of eating and walking, when the unthinkable happened.

On December 4th, 2015 at about 2:50pm, my husband, son and myself had embarked on our daily waik. We had just cleared our driveway and were walking on the sidewalk, when I found myself airborne. I didn’t see the car, but I heard it. And I heard my husband, who was only a couple steps behind me, go “Ummph”. Like the wind had been knocked out of him. When I finally hit the ground and could sit up, I saw his crumpled body laying next to the big bush dividing our yard from the neighbor’s yard. The car that had hit us kept going. It was so surreal.

Our son had seen the whole thing. Thankfully, he was walking ahead of us and was not harmed. He came screaming up to me, I said “Run! Call 911” And he did. Then I was just one ball of screaming! Screaming at John to answer me (because I really thought she’d killed him) Screaming for help and 911 from any neighbor. Thankfully, the woman across the street came running to us and called 911 too. My arm was on fire, and I couldn’t crawl to John because of my knees and arm. It was horrible! Kudos to the local police department and EMS who were there in record time. Kudos to the Police for catching the woman responsible.

My husband has been in hospital since Dec. 4th with 2 broken knees, two broken ribs, a broken wrist, broken collar bone and a gash above his eye. Thankfully, the injuries he suffered will heal. These last few weeks have been a blur of hospital sleeping, trying to eat or lack of eating, trying to deal with my own injury and making sure my husband is taken care of, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Also, taking care of our son. He wasn’t hurt physically, but emotionally he is. He saw his parents run over by someone who kept going.

The kindness shown to us by friends, co-workers, church members and family members has been tremendous and over flowing. I will be forever grateful for everything and everyone.

So, this is where I am. Some days the road is long and gravely, and I feel like I will never get to the end. And other days, the road is scenic and not so long. But we will persevere and keeping going. Oh, and I have lost 65 lbs since this journey began.


7 thoughts on “Hello…it’s me..

  1. Holy crap Lisa!
    I am so sorry to hear this.
    I am glad all are on the mend though and the Police caught the woman responsible. I cannot imagine them keeping on going! That is dreadful behaviour.
    I hope you get back to a form of normality and keep the diet going so you can benefit but it is times like these you pick your battles and I think the one you have chosen (looking after hubby) is the right one for sure.
    Be well.

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    1. Thank you Cameron. Haven’t been able to eat too much because of all that is going on, but trying to stay true to the dieting. See, all I wanted was to have a lovely stroll like you and Archie and BAM! Once Hubby gets on his feet (which may be around March) I hope we can go on walks again. Now I am just too nervous.

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      1. I am sure you must be Lisa. It must have been quite dreadful to witness.
        Please think rationally about it if you can though. You must get out as soon as you can because the chances of it happening twice are too slim to even be a statistic. Please know that you are being thought of on this side of the pond and I hope you are back out there and at them soon.
        Best wishes to hubby as ever.

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  2. Abby

    Lisa, the other day in the elevator I wanted to tell you how sorry I was about what happened to your family. I wanted to tell you I had found your blog. And having recently made the same decision, it was a godsend of information for me. It all seemed too much to say between floors. I wish you guys a speedy recovery! Take care of yourself.

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