Eating is so Hard to do..

I thought that once I had gotten past the stages of eating, you know the pureed food, the mechanically altered food etc, that once I went to incorporating “normal” food into my diet, I would be golden. ACKKK..flag on the play! Hmmm…NO. I found, much to my chagrin, that my body could not tolerate normal food. The chocolate protein shakes I had enjoyed before surgery, the smell of them- the mere taste of them makes me wretch! BBQ sauce, alfredo sauce, ANY sauce (even in Lean Cuisines), makes me throw up! Don’t believe me, ask my co-worker who sits directly across from me-Lean Cuisine right into the waste basket! After I ate it. Not a pretty sight.

Now it is true that I didn’t expect to eat much after surgery, and I can’t, but I did expect to be able to eat something. With a little trial and error, I found that 3 bites were all I could tolerate of plain baked/seared chicken seasoned with salt and pepper. Pork chop is a no no. So is ground beef (and I had so hoped to like it after surgery). No spicy anything, of course. Even a small amount of these proteins makes me ill.  Cooked fruits and veggies are so-so, I can eat them -carefully. But in their raw state, all I can say is WOW. My gastric system is like WHOA GIRL! So while I still prepare these foods for my husband (out of hospital finally-yahoo!) and my son, I have to give a lot of thought to what I am going to eat on a daily basis. And I don’t have that many brain cells right now to do any calculated thoughts about eating.

It is not all bad. I can still eat soup. Soup. Soup. Plain soup. Not that fancy vegetable soup either. Wasn’t plain soup what I was eating before surgery? And cheese. So my hope it that the more I continue on this journey, the more I will learn what my body is telling me about what I can tolerate and not. I understand it is a process. I am willing to learn the process. The best thing from this surgery is that I have lost 82lbs and feel fabulous and look fabulous!

All I can do is keep moving forward! Until next time friends.



3 thoughts on “Eating is so Hard to do..

  1. Hoo boy, I can understand your frustration! I’ve had some severe issues with my gastric system that caused me to only be able to tolerate a very limited (and weird) diet, which was boring and uninspiring. So you have my sympathy. Good thing there are so many other wonderful things in life for you to enjoy, including having your husband back home. 🙂

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  2. Nice to hear from you again Lisa!
    Finding your way after surgery can be difficult for some people. I suppose I have been lucky and my eating habits have changed for the better and although less of it am eating normally.
    Time will definitely provide a solution and you will soon be enjoying your food again, albeit on a smaller scale 😉
    Welcome back!!

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