Slow and steady..

It has been a whirlwind 4 months since I have been on this blog. Now that the hubby is better but still recuperating from his ordeal, I was finally able to have surgery on my shoulder. I call the hit and run the “gift” that never ends. But, hey, we are still alive. And dancing. We will never stop dancing! LOL

Still trial and error with the eating process but it has gotten much better. Not normal (eggs, celery, grapefruit), but working on it. In the beginning the weight loss was fast and furious, but in the last few months it seems to have slowed to a frustrating pace of 3lbs week. I know that I need protein, but whether I eat meat or drink protein, it feels very “heavy” on my gastric system. Maybe it is all in my head, but my stomach says it is very real.  After surgery, the smell of some foods make me nauseous. Is that normal?

Being comfortable with my new body is a work in progress. I still have the “fat girl” mentality. When I go in the store to buy myself something new, I find I still navigate towards the XXXXXXL clothes. The Sales Lady very nicely points out that that size will “swallow me whole” and maybe I need to look at the XL version. I now wear a size 2x but my husband, mother, and son say I could easily wear a 1x and still have room.

I use to dread walking between tables in a restaurant, or sitting in a booth or trying to fit in small spaces in a store. I have to remind myself that I can easily go by people without jostling them, the small spaces are not a big issue anymore. I can fit comfortably in a booth and have plenty of room left over. I can look at myself in the mirror without hatred or shame. Crazy how that works huh?

But the best part, the very best part is that I don’t have high blood pressure anymore. Or diabetes. And I can walk without my cane. Life is so much sweeter now. Do I still get hungry? Do I still want to eat? U betcha! But food is not my life anymore. My family is my life. And I love my life! 118lbs down and counting.

I don’t know when I will be back to blog again.. so until next time friends!






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